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Estate planning is the preparation of tasks that serve to manage an individual’s asset base in the event of their incapacitation or death.

Estate Planning

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Estate Planning Trusts

This type of Estate Planning Trust is the ideal vehicle if what you are looking for is to manage, plan and eventually pass on assets to your beneficiaries. Through this product, you establish the rules to invest and manage your assets, likewise, you can designate your beneficiaries and the percentages or rules to follow for the division of assets at the time of your death or legal disability. 

In an estate trust, in the event you change your mind, you can also reserve the right to have all assets returned to you.

What can I contribute to the Estate planning trust?

All personal property, real estate, shares, titles, or securities that are in your assets at the time of their constitution, being able to increase them at any time.

Another advantage of this trust is confidentiality and protection of your assets since the trust is in the name of a fiduciary institution, so your data as the beneficial owner is protected.

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