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For more than a decade, The Real Estate development in the Riviera Maya and Yucatán Peninsula have not stopped growing.

Fiduciary agent

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Thousands of both, Mexican and foreign people find in this place the ideal weather, culture, and environment to remain on, whether to do business, invest, or simply live, which generates a demand for services that has not grown at the same speed, such is the case of the Trust Services.

As we have experienced during the two decades, the fiduciary institutions that have had or had been in this área, have became complicated their procedures, becoming very slow and bureaucratic, meaning they have forgotten to provide good customer service, which represents a window of opportunity for a service provider that provides the required standart of service.


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Fiduciary agent

This is why, IUS Riviera Consulting lawfirm, which founder have been exercising law in this city for the last 20 years, and have gone through this processes with all the fiduciary institution that were and have been in certain time, decided to sponsor MyTrust with the purpose of giving an answer to the Good quality, near, honest, accessible and efficient Trust Services demand.


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Our goals are to provide our clients the experience of having the expert professionals, a fiduciary agent, in this field on their side, in a legal certainty and a person to person environment, whether it is online or in our well located offices, solve your doubts, and give you options to meet your goals to pursue an excellent and long term custom service.

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